Announcing the
2006 LACSI Symposium
A Sea Change in High-Performance Computing

Agenda and Important Dates

The Seventh Symposium of the Los Alamos Computer Science Institute will be held on October 17-19, 2006 at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Symposium has emerged as a valuable forum for discussing current research and ongoing important projects in high-performance, scalable computation. This year the Symposium will address the coming “sea change” in scalable parallel computing driven by the end of Moore’s Law for processor cycle times. While this flattens the single-thread performance curve for CMOS microprocessors, the Moore’s Law curve for the number of transistors per die continues. This enables a variety of new options for on-chip functionality. Most prominent today is the advent of multi-core chips offering on-chip parallelism. However, we can see on the horizon other new features, including additional “special-purpose” devices (FPGAs, GPUs, accelerators), and increasing heterogeneity within systems. High-performance applications must adapt to take advantage of these features to exploit future systems effectively. These trends will also dictate changes in programming idioms and languages, operating system and runtime software, and algorithms.

The LACSI Symposium will feature presentations on these technology trends, the impacts on scientific computing applications, and forward-looking research to meet the resulting challenges. The heart of the Symposium will be a series of invited talks about the sea change in high-performance computing, along with interactive panels on some of the issues it raises. As has been the case in past years, the Symposium will also offer a day of submitted workshops on specialized topics, and a refereed poster session showcasing student work.

We invite contributions from all areas of high-performance computing, including systems, algorithms, and applications, especially those that address major accomplishments and issues in the development and application of very large parallel systems.

General Chair - Bill Feiereisen (LANL)
Program Chair - Chuck Koelbel (Rice U.)
Poster Chair - Barney Maccabe (U. of New Mexico)

Organizing Committee: Bill Feiereisen, Chuck Koelbel, Rob Fowler (RENCI), Rod Oldehoeft (Krell), Barney Maccabe, John Ziebarth (Krell)


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